What can you do with Beambox?

  • Brand, customise and manage your WiFi in real-time online.

  • Grow your social media pages automatically when a guest uses your WiFi.

  • Launch email campaigns and automate emails when your guests match certain criteria.

  • Visualise your guest demographics and your venues traffic over time.

  • Capture guest data and sync it with over 500+ apps and services.

More than 60% of businesses say customers spend more time in their locations when they offer free #WiFi.
— spectrio.com

Who Can Use Beambox?

  • Restaurants - Grow your social media channels, capture marketing data and launch powerful email campaigns.

  • Bars & Pubs, Cafe’s - Let your guests connect quickly, while increasing their marketing reach and local social media presence.

  • Shared office spaces - GDPR Compliant solution for shared office areas, driving repeat custom.

  • Retail businesses - Capture consumer data and send automated emails based on customer behaviour.

  • Salons & Barbers - Provide a personal WiFi experience that helps them retain loyalty.